It’s great to have you right here – guess why?
Because it means that, like us, you care about a unique impression and want the celebration to be unforgettable.
Our mission is to improve the quality of parties, events and weddings in Poland.
We continue to improve our service!
High quality ingredients, professionalism of our bartenders,
hard work and experience is a recipe for success.

What can we do for you?


Ladies and gentlemen, bride and groom!

We are pleased to present you
a unique offer composed specially
for a wedding party.

Cocktails that have a chance to accompany you during the planned celebration
will bring a wide smile to the faces of all your guests.

Every cocktail prepared
by us is made of the highest quality ingredients
with a great dose of passion and professionalism.

Nasi wysoko wykwalifikowani barmani sprawią, że każdy event będzie niezapomniany. Wasi goście odnają w naszym menu szeroką gamę cocktaili ozdobionych egzotycznymi owocami i kwiatami.

― Krótko mówiąc: będziecie zachwyceni


Are you responsible for organising an important event at your company?

Not sure what to do to stand out in the crowd and win the hearts of customers?

We have the perfect solution for you!

Nothing is more conversation-friendly than a sip of an extraordinary cocktail, prepared with the utmost care by our highly skilled bartenders.
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